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very pretty set up !!! i love your cake it is just so Beautiful !! the cookie cakes r a great ideal . Wonderful Job!!
dont know if this will help or not but i hope it will. and i cant wait to see what u come up with.
im not sure as too how hard they r to make, but they r so cool. i have'nt tryed one myself . one day i will give it a try. but i think you can do it. Good Luck!!! and post a picture.MamaStacy
you could do a 3D cake. like the ones in the gallerie just yours will be the hulk.
Great job!!! very pretty!
maybe you could make a nice LITTLE SIGN SAYING MUST PAY UP FRONT or NO MONEY NO CAKE!! can try and see if this place may be able to fine you one. they have all kinds of Ateco tips on there but i didnt see the one you r looking 4.Stacy
OK here in Lawton,OK at Johnson's BakeryThe Full sheet is 16x 24 & sells at $63.50and at wal-mart they say they dont know what size a full is but it feeds a 100 people and sells for $34.97
Thank You! Lisa!
Dose anyone have a clue how to remove a picture from the My photos???Thanks,Stacy
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