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Wrapping them should be good enough I think...
Is that the Martha Stewart bird cake? You could cover the twigs with plastic wrap or foil before you stick them in the cake.
I leave mine out at least two days with no issue. There isn't that much cream to make it a problem. Maybe a few tablespoons...
Yes to both questions.
Make it now and freeze. 
Roses look fine to me.  I would wrap them and use the bubble wrap as you suggested.  If they are dry enough they may not melt.
What makes this question difficult is that each person's costs and recipes are different.  The fondant I use is probably different from what you use.  You need to figure out how much your fondant is per ounce, and estimate how many ounces you use for your decorations.  So weigh one of your toppers and multiply that by the number of toppers you're making.  You'd use that method for your sprinkles and sugars too.  You could do that by teaspoon if you wanted to.  It does take...
I don't see how or why it would if it's right up against the cake.  If you're doing a lot of overpiping then I could see it being a problem but this looks pretty straightforward with piping them directly on the cake.
Probably light gray and then painted over it with either silver luster dust or airbrush color.  If I paint on BC it has to be ice cold but if you did it in royal you could let it dry hard then paint it.    A long time ago when I took cake decorating classes, meringue powder was recommended to keep the colors from bleeding.  But I've used dark colors on light colors many times without them bleeding (and without meringue powder).
You don't have to use royal.  You can do them in buttercream.  Make sure your icing is thin.  Not running out of the tip thin but thin enough to where you don't have to use a lot of pressure to get it to come out of the tip.  You could use a tip 3 for the smaller ones and maybe a 7 for the larger ones.   If you can draw the pattern into the icing or fondant with a toothpick or scribing needle then you can have something to trace over.
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