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Could be several things...the way you're measuring the ingredients, your mixing method, your oven temperature could be off, you could be baking it too long, etc.    Can you post the recipe?
Sure.  Just attach them with more melted chocolate.
Yeah I don't get the need for tutorials on every little thing either.  A tutorial for how to pipe a cupcake swirl?  Really?  I mean I can understand if it's something really difficult, but it seems like no one wants to experiment anymore.  That's part of the fun of cake decorating!
Burlap is stank and should stay in the barn.  I went to a wedding over the summer and there was burlap everywhere.  I was anticipating livestock attendants.
Right...I'm not sure what the food laws are in Australia so of course OP would have to make sure it's something that's allowed.
Many use ganache under fondant for sharp edges.
You can refrigerate fondant...I do it all the time.
Wrapping them should be good enough I think...
Is that the Martha Stewart bird cake? You could cover the twigs with plastic wrap or foil before you stick them in the cake.
I leave mine out at least two days with no issue. There isn't that much cream to make it a problem. Maybe a few tablespoons...
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