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It sounds like the one I use.  Mine has orange juice and it's supposed to have orange rind but I omit that. 
I personally think it's dumb but it's original I'll give em that.
Those have been around for a while...people really seem to like them.  They are baked fresh every day or every couple of days so I would assume they would be ok.
I'm assuming you'd have to scale it down to a smaller portion and approach it from that angle. 
If they are younger I would stick to what you know kids like.  Chocolate, vanilla, funfetti, something "non-offensive" haha.    You can decorate cupcakes however you want.  You can use any buttercream...Italian meringue (with or without the butter-without will basically taste like a marshmallow), Swiss meringue (which is basically the same, just prepared differently), French buttercream, "American" style with butter and powdered sugar, etc.  You can even use poured...
gemmal, I use a very basic recipe with no raisins, nuts, pineapple, or coconut in the batter.  I do use nuts but only on the outside.  I caramelize them with vanilla and spices and grind them in a food processor to make a praline crust.  If I have to decorate it then I will add toasted pecans to the batter.  I grate mine larger.  You're right that grating them small makes the cake mushy.
White almond sour cream cake.    Have you thought about just giving up on the RLB recipe and trying something different?  There are TONS of better cakes out there that don't involve pulling your hair out and tweaking 75,000 times to get right.
This is the recipe I found.  Is this the one you used?
I guess we just get some rogue threads around here sometimes...maybe on days when there's a full moon or something LOL.   I'm with you about the classes.  I'm sure she'd shut up really quick if she knew she had to fork out cash to get the tips and tricks!
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