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It might a little bit but it won't tear chunks out or anything like that.
Yikes, not sure about that for a 3 year old's birthday, especially the lemon and chocolate. 
Yes, you'd basically be building a cake on top of a cake.  So dowel at 4" and then put a plate and then keep building your cake.  Make sense?
I'd add a bit of cocoa powder and see what you get.  You could also add a few tbs of coffee. 
You need liquid of some kind.  It sounds like it's too stiff.  I use whipping cream to thin mine out.
You should disassemble and put supports in for every 4 inches of cake.  With that Bavarian cream it's kind of a disaster waiting to happen.  Good luck!
American buttercream maybe...powdered sugar, fat of your choice, flavorings, liquid to thin.
It sounds like the one I use.  Mine has orange juice and it's supposed to have orange rind but I omit that. 
I personally think it's dumb but it's original I'll give em that.
Those have been around for a while...people really seem to like them.  They are baked fresh every day or every couple of days so I would assume they would be ok.
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