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It will dry. The vodka evaporates.
I think it's the MMF. Lots of us haven't had good experiences with it. I do think your cakes are cute!
I agree that it's been airbrushed but you can buy the spray colors in the can as another person suggested or sponge it on using food coloring that's been diluted with vodka.
It might a little bit but it won't tear chunks out or anything like that.
Yikes, not sure about that for a 3 year old's birthday, especially the lemon and chocolate. 
Yes, you'd basically be building a cake on top of a cake.  So dowel at 4" and then put a plate and then keep building your cake.  Make sense?
I'd add a bit of cocoa powder and see what you get.  You could also add a few tbs of coffee. 
You need liquid of some kind.  It sounds like it's too stiff.  I use whipping cream to thin mine out.
You should disassemble and put supports in for every 4 inches of cake.  With that Bavarian cream it's kind of a disaster waiting to happen.  Good luck!
American buttercream maybe...powdered sugar, fat of your choice, flavorings, liquid to thin.
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