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28cm is the size of the bottom tier?  If so I'd go for a 14" or 15" drum.
I'd also check with your insurance company to see how that would affect things.  Running a baking business in a connected residential building might be an issue for some.  I'm just thinking worst-case scenario, like if you're baking your recipe in an oven and it blows up and takes the rest of the building with it.  I know we're talking bakery, not meth lab, but still. 
You could also give IMBC a try which to me is the lazier way of doing it.  Go to YouTube and look up Warren Brown's recipe.
Our house stays consistently in the high 60s and it works just fine.  It's "bendable" which is perfect for scratch baking or IMBC making.
What is flavoring compounds?   Never mind-I found out more info.  I don't really see how it's different than icing fruits or other compounds.  Maybe there are just more flavors?
I don't see the need to whip it ahead of time. I use Warren Brown's IMBC recipe which can be found on YouTube. I let the meringue whip at least 15 minutes before I add room temperature butter.
I agree. I make an IMBC and beat lemon curd into it. Yum!
It will dry. The vodka evaporates.
I think it's the MMF. Lots of us haven't had good experiences with it. I do think your cakes are cute!
I agree that it's been airbrushed but you can buy the spray colors in the can as another person suggested or sponge it on using food coloring that's been diluted with vodka.
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