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Why would you accept an official "order" if you don't know how to price?  You can't just pull an arbitrary number out of the sky and hit the kitchen.  That taps into your personal budget.  It would be in your best interest to research how to price your cakes so this doesn't happen in the future.  Also, if something is outside your skill level then don't be afraid to say so.  Otherwise you create a ton of stress for yourself and potentially upset the customer.   As an...
Without a picture I'd say 233/grass tip maybe?
I have always just put the sprinkles on the cookies before baking, no egg wash.  Works fine.
It's not's the grease from the shortening seeping into the cardboard.  Get coated boards or ones that say greaseproof on the pack.
 AKA, "ain't nobody got time for that."
I'd only do naked cakes if the edges were brushed or sprayed with a simple syrup and then I'd use acetate strips around the edge for display.
Tact?  Nah.  Send me her email and I'll take care of it with two very short words.
Sotas are cornelli lace on crack.  Basically overlapping squiggles:
Could you do a frozen buttercream transfer?  Look that up and see if it might work for you.
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