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What are you trying to do?  Can we help?
Yes, the graham crackers will soften with the moisture of the ganache and marshmallow.  Good luck and let us know how it turns out!
You can't taste the coffee in the chocolate WASC at all after it's baked.  It deepens the chocolate flavor.  I also use coffee in my scratch chocolate recipes too.  For the chocolate WASC just omit the almond and use vanilla or you don't have to use any extract at all.  If you don't want to use coffee for the liquid then just use water.  Easy.
Spooky is right.  When you say coffee cake most people are going to think of a vanilla/cinnamon streusel-y cake that you have with your coffee.  This is totally different than a coffee flavored cake.    Are you looking for a muffin recipe or a cupcake recipe with icing?
Respectfully, a red velvet cake isn't a chocolate cake dyed red.  It's a tangy, sweet cake with a slight hint of cocoa.  If you take a look at Cakeman's red velvet recipe, his only calls for 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder.  If your recipe calls for three tablespoons, simply scale it back to one or two teaspoons and that will be more authentic. 
If you reduce the sugar in Indy's recipe it won't have the same consistency.  That's what makes her recipe crust so well, because there's so much powdered sugar in it.  I would also use salted butter and add some salt.
They are fillings that come in a long plastic pouch.  I haven't liked the ones I've tried, although I think some brands are better than others.
Anything all butter will be fine for a few days at room temp.  To keep it from crusting, just reduce the sugar (believe me it will still be sweet) and then add some warm whipping cream to it.  I do this all the time for my cupcakes.
My most popular of all time is cookies & cream.  All I do is take a ton of Oreos, break them up into pieces, and put in some buttercream to form a thick filling.  The cookies absorb the moisture from the buttercream and get nice and soft.  I use this filling with either chocolate or vanilla.  You can really do it with any kind of cookie.  Last year for my grandma's birthday I did chocolate chip cookies instead of Oreos.  I also do a peanut butter cup filling for chocolate...
You can go ahead and start baking now.  Freeze the layers.  You can also make your buttercream now too and freeze it as well.  Then the day before the wedding, get everything as assembled as you can, then stack it the morning of the wedding.
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