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Hershey's will be similar to a boxed cake mix in texture.  Epicurious and the other one will be more fudgey.
It depends on what texture you're going for.  If you want something light and fluffy go with the Hershey's.  If you want something heavier go with Scott Clark Woolley's recipe or the Epicurious Double Chocolate recipe.
Actually Hershey's is great cocoa to use.  I prefer it over Ghirardelli and it consistently rates really high in America's Test Kitchen.  Yes if you do a search for scp1127 and Hershey you'll find her mods for the cake.  The Epicurious cake is a FANTASTIC recipe.  I used it for one of my wedding tiers and it was totally demolished.
I put crushed cookies into buttercream all the time and it always turns out great. I leave the pieces larger and they still have some texture but they are very soft after being in the buttercream.
No cake for him?  On his first birthday?  Ouch!  What a way to send a kid into childhood LOL. You gotta let him have the smash cake experience!  :)
Depends on how old your son is.  If he's younger, chocolate, vanilla, or funfetti might be a better way to go for a child.
What are you trying to do?  Can we help?
Yes, the graham crackers will soften with the moisture of the ganache and marshmallow.  Good luck and let us know how it turns out!
You can't taste the coffee in the chocolate WASC at all after it's baked.  It deepens the chocolate flavor.  I also use coffee in my scratch chocolate recipes too.  For the chocolate WASC just omit the almond and use vanilla or you don't have to use any extract at all.  If you don't want to use coffee for the liquid then just use water.  Easy.
Spooky is right.  When you say coffee cake most people are going to think of a vanilla/cinnamon streusel-y cake that you have with your coffee.  This is totally different than a coffee flavored cake.    Are you looking for a muffin recipe or a cupcake recipe with icing?
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