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3 layers of sponge with a layer of chocolate pastry cream and a layer of vanilla pastry cream, iced in whipped cream.  Soak the sponge with rum before filling and icing.  Easy.   If you're looking for the American one with coconut and pecans, you can do a simple internet search and find a good recipe.
The cupcake might just be rice krispie treats molded and then covered in fondant.    You don't need a specific cutter for the stripes; you can use a pizza wheel or knife to cut ribbons but there are ribbon cutters you can buy specifically for fondant.  Last time I checked, Wilton made one but it's plastic so you have to let your fondant dry a bit to get clean cuts.
This cake is epic.  I used it for one of my wedding tiers and it was totally annihilated.   It's dense and fudgy but if you want something a little lighter and fluffier then go with the Hershey's.
Freezing fully decorated cakes works great if you wrap the box very well. Thaw it at room temperature IN the wrapper and box so condensation develops on the wrapper, not the cake. Your sand might get a little soggy but I don't think that's a big deal. You can always top them with fresh crumbs after they thaw.
That is so cool. I remember when my husband and I went a few years ago we were the only ones in there, and I think it was the same person terrorizing us throughout the place. I was impressed because it was a lot of costume and character changes. Congrats on your exciting opportunity!
Is it Ripleys or the other one? I've been to both and I love Ripleys. Love me some Gatlinburg!!
I've made Charlotte's recipe with butter and it's great. I think it would be a good recipe for people who are worried about using egg whites for whatever reason. The only reason it's not my exclusive buttercream is because I have only tried it with Wilton's meringue powder and I don't really like the flavor. I need to try it with CK.
The marzipan will definitely form a crust and get dry.  You could brush it with a very thin layer of melted and strained apricot jam but that will make it shiny.  Otherwise you will have to use some other covering for it such as modeling chocolate or one of the other icings that she doesn't want.  You could also keep the layers airtight as close to assembly as possible to minimize the marzipan drying out. The thing with marzipan is that it might be dry on the outside but...
Just find a carrot cake WASC and use shredded pears instead of carrots.  Same with apple spice.
Are you following a recipe? It looks like the buttercream could be too thick in consistency and also it might have too much air whipped into it. Thin it out with more liquid and beat it more gently next time. If it develops air bubbles then you can take a spatula and smash the buttercream against the sides of the bowl to work out the bubbles. Mine is the consistency of stiff whipped cream. It shouldn't have any resistance when you spread it around on the cake.
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