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Ok, So I added the black to the Royal Blue and it is just turning gray.
What colors would you mix to make navy blue icing?
aluminum foil or special cake foil?
When making a stacked cake, what do you cover the cardboard cake board with?
How much would you charge for for a double layer 9x13 with a castle (double layer 6x6 with towers) on the top with butter cream icing? I was thinking $40.
Thanks for all of the kind coments. What I don't like most is that there are too many stripes. I really don't like the top most purple stripe and the tiny little leaves that look like spikes. The top half is 2-9x13" yellow cakes stacked and carved, and the bottom half is 1-9x13" chocolate cake cut in half and stacked with the corners cut off for the legs.
OK, so I made this cake tonight for my boss's baby shower tomorrow, and I hate it!!!!!!!!! Would you make another cake or just take this one in tomorrow?BTW: Thanks to those of you who were the inspiration for this cake. I may have to try it again and see how it turns out.
Do you all prefer the bowl lift or the tilt head on the Kitchen Aid mixers? I am torn between the Artisan (tilt head) and the Professional 5 or Proessional 600 (bowl lift). Thanks in advance for your opinions!
I don't know the answer to the first question, but yes you can use a metal bowl on a pot of boiling water.
It depends how many guest you are having and what else you are doing yourself. Think timeline! You have bachlorette parties, rehearsal dinners, decorating, getting ready, and most importantly getting married!I got married at 2pm and it seemed like there wasn't enough time in the day. My mom make the cake which we took to the caterer the day before, and we the church and had the rehearsal dinner the night before. The next day I had hair, nails, etc., had to meet the...
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