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I see the roadrunner meep, meep!!!
Thanks so much for the help!!
It is for cookies called sour cream sister wants to know, I think she is crazy too...
CanI substitute 1/4 cup margerine for shortening in a recipe? I can't find any answers...TYIA
Apparently Safeway may sell them as well, under the brand name Knoxx...I haven't been to Belle in a while, sorry about that
Also try belle cake & candy on ST Mary's Road...they have some great stuff that is hard to them first though, they have wierd hours... is a how to...they are in gumpaste but you will at least be able to see the basic shapes for each...
This probably sounds very silly, and I am racking my brain...what is SPS?
Go to ...thats a canadian site and I think they have many people from Calgary on there...hope this helps...
to cover a cake instead of fondant? If so does anyone know how much one batch covers, and how long does it stay good for? I want to try to cover a 6" and 10" cake. What was your experience using it?
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