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@Uschi: I got mine (couldn´t get a pic, as I´m on holiday, but it´s at home ) The austrians haven´t recieved it jet, too. So you are not alone
Hi Jill,if you go to my website, you will find a direct link to order the tutorial. It should be now much easier (to get the english tutorial you need to be on the english version of my site ). Hope that will help you!
What do you think pop up in my mind on May 13th
maybe one of these cakes will help you: isn´t one, you are specific looking for, but maybe a help for your customer.
Happy Birthday Irene
Thank you for all your lovely words and it´s a great honour!
Wow Debs, congratulations! You really deserve it - your cake´s are always so eye-cathing!Fantastic
Hi Steph,that sounds good! But the massage-board is sorry for the wrong info
Hi Steph,I just see this topic today Gingerbread ist very traditional in Germany. Mainly from Nurnberg, but it´s different from the ones you use for building houses. It´s soft and you pipe the mass on a wafer.Geograpical there are more and, in my eyes, better cakes in the south of Germany and of course in Austria. All the famouse cakes are from that region. Exaption is the christmas stollen form Dresden.If you need further help -just ask. I´ll try my best.
Wow- 4 Day´s! I totally agree with you, as I really enjoyed my class with her. Have wonderfull 3 more day´s and please show us photos of your final cake!
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