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I'm having the same problem with the back button. I have to hit it twice to go back one page. I thought maybe it was just my computer.
Thanks everyone. I did go ahead and order the Americolors from Global Sugar Art and hopefully they will get here in time. If not I will definitely try mixing some of the Wilton colors like some of you suggested and probably try the McCormick neon colors. I will also check out fondant source next time I need to order. If their shipping is cheaper I would probably go with them. My total for my whole order from GSA was only $14 and then I had to pay $9 for shipping, and that...
My SIL wants a cake with bright neon colors for my nieces' birthday party. I was going to order Americolor from Global Sugar Art. The shipping is going to cost me almost as much as the order. All I'm ordering is four small bottles of color and one gumpaste cutter and the shipping is over $9. Does anyone know if I can get sort of neon colors with the Wilton colors or if I can use liquid food coloring for MMF? I have the McCormick's neon food coloring, but I wasn't sure if...
Have you tried adding the liquid warm? I was having the same problem this past weekend with the grainy texture. Someone on here told me to try warming the milk and then adding it. It worked for me. HTH
Hi everyone. I finally finished the cake this morning.The pics are in my photos. It's the cake with the stars and the cupcakes.
Thank you so much!! I added some warm creamer and mixed more and it's smooth.Thanks again!!
I mixed a double batch of Indydebi's buttercream this morning and it's really gritty. I've been working on it now for over an hour and I don't know what to do. I have cupcakes that I have to pipe by 1pm. Does anyone know of anything I can do to make it less gritty?Thanks!Amy
Thanks everyone. I'll check out the tutorial.debster, I am in southern ohio about an hour east of Cincinnati.
Thanks. I had thought about stripes like you said, but I was afraid with the color combinations that it wouldn't look right. Now I'm kinda thinking about trying to make three bears out of fondant and put caps & gowns on them. I've never made figures before though, so I don't know if I will be able to or not.
I just found white foil liners at global sugar art.
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