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I sent you a couple pictures this morning by email -- I'm also going to post on the store's facebook page to see what other hits and tricks others might have.
Again, sorry you are having issues -- Please see the 2 email I sent you last night that contain links to detailed instructions and how-tos on 2 sided lace molds -- then if you are still haveing issues, let me know Melissa Decorate the Cake
The cookies are soft -- I don't even let them get slightl brown on bottom -- I make them thick almost 3/8 inch thick -- I find they have a dense cake like texture.
you can build one with foam core and use a hot glue gun to seal the edges -- then once the silicone is cured, just remove the sides
Yes, it is 1 POUND = 4 sticks -- Sorry about that ---on the icing -- I really find that microwaving really helps with the consistancy and the drying -- these dry incredibly fast -- most of the time in a couple of hours they can be ready to be stacked (depending on how thick some of the accents are -- Don't get the icing too hot or it will be extremely thin -- I store my icing in "lock-n-lock" bowls in the storage fridge and when ready , take some out, warm it up - pour...
For those that asked, here is the cookie and icing recipie I used for the Emma's E graduation cookies posted to my gallery.After trying several cookie icing recipies, this is my version. I will be posting the cookie recipe that I use as well.8 Cups of Powdered Sugar 2 Teaspoons of Cream of Tarter (adds to the creaminess of the icing) 1/4 cup of hot water 1/4 cup of milk or heavy cream 1/2 cup of corn syrup Bright White Food color from Americolor Flavoring Pour the Powdered...
Not sure why I didn't think of this when I was posting before you can access the directions at --- this was my first site ever -- and I've just redirected The Red Hot Kitchen to it..
Heyall -- and Happy New Year..-- I'm moving The Red Hot Kitchen to a new server -- the links to the instructions should be working this afternoon -- I'll post once I have tested it out and they are back up Melissa
Wanted to provide an update -- I just re-introduced the 1/2 molds in May 08 -- did some redesign on the molds -- really happy with how these turned out --Still working on the 3d versions -- hopefully by mid-summerMelissa
I have a couple of the "bottle" cakes in my gallery -- thanks to Diane's instructions and examples --Here's a tip that might help -- Diane, can't remember if this came from you or not -- With the microwave version, To keep the color more clear, I was told to use something other that Kayro for the bottles-- I believe it has to do with fructose ratio or level-- anyways, I use wal-mart's great value brand -- the microwave -- and get clearer bottles --I'll see if I can...
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