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I would play it safe and take them out now to be safe. I don't think the 5 hour difference will matter much with freshness. I just took a cake out I had frozen for over a month, and let it thaw overnight. It's still really fresh, and I would have no trouble serving it at my own wedding. My sweetie said it was the best cake I've made so far!Congrautations on the wedding.
Thanks. I let it sit overnight and it did mellow out. In fact it is divine!
The difference is taste. Like I said before Crisco frostings are really just meant for practice because they do not taste good at all, and should not be served to people. (RLB says this in her book, that it is just for practice.) It is harder to work with though. IMB would be a non-crusting. An all butter/powdered sugar recipe will not crust like a shortening recipe either, but it will taste 100% better. Hope that helps!
Yes, that is the name. I like the fact that he's going to be looking for items made with all fresh, natural ingredients.
If someone told you to try a French buttercream that's a good idea. But this recipe is Wilton's interpretation, it is no where near a real French buttercream recipe. (Talk about confusing!) A true French buttercream is like an Italian Meringe Buttercream, but it is made with the whole egg, not just the whites.
Use all butter, no criso. Crisco frosting is only for practice really. I wouldn't use it on a cake to eat.
That sounds like an excellent combo! It should say right there how much the recipe yields. She's pretty accurate about that stuff.
I wouldn't do it either. Then again I find the stuff repulsive as well.
When I took classes it was a full house. I did not go on to the last one because I just didn't want to devote the time (I work full-time), plus fondant isn't that difficult to work with.
Could you roll a thin layer of fondant the size of the cake board? That way it would be eatable. Either that or make a round piece of chocolate the size of the cake board and use that. The fondant would be eaiser to cut.Another good tip is to cover the cake board in shelving/contact paper.
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