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Hey all!Whew...I feel like i've been going through withdrawl bc i havent been on CC in literally months so its good to be back! I'm doing a cake for a friend's bridal shower and its going to be a heart shaped bride. I bought the wilton 12" cake pan and it's actually alot bigger in person than i thought! so im thinking that I will need to 3X or maybe 4X my recipe just for one layer! This is a last minute cake so I'm going with a box cake mix (booo..i know lol!), and my...
Thanks everyone!!! I come on here like all the time and this is making me feel so much better!**Kakeladi**- I got the box from a UPS store..., It was a 10-8-6 tier cake so it fit perfectly in this 14X14X14 box.
So, I've been making cakes since I was 18 years old. I started working in a grocery store bakery and from there I just became completely obsessed with baking and decorating. This year has been the greatest year every because I have had the opportunity to make all of my friends' 21st birthday cakes. When my birthday came around, I only wanted 2 things: 1) for BARACK OBAMA to win the election (got it!) and 2) to have a 3 tier birthday cake. I knew exactly what I wanted it...
oooh lemon or raspberry sounds really good!!! for the cookies i was thinking vanilla since she likes the "vanilla dip" taste. thecookiemoms-when do you add your flavoring?? as soon as you melt the marshmellows???
okay so i have a customer who is VERY picky on taste! she gets all her cookies from our local grocery store (wegmans) and they use a mixture of royal icing and vanilla dip to cover the cookies. She wants the cookie im going to make for her sons' birthday to taste exactly the same!! So im asking for opinions here...which one tastes the best??! I really like the MMF bc i've heard it's not as greasy as RBC but i heard RBC tastes better... i dunno what to do!! I really dont...
these are beautiful!!! congratulations! i see u used mmf instead of RI or did they taste?? they look wonderful so im sure they tasted the same
thanks everyone!!!! im gonna be making a cake with a bow on top and i wasnt sure which one to use! wish me luck!
Hi there! okay Im a relatively new cake-fiend and this may be a dumb question considering there are some true cake-ologists on this site (lol) but here it goes anyway, is there a difference between gumpaste and fondant? i've seen both terms being used on this site and im not sure what the difference is. Also, does anyone have really good directions for making a fondant and/or gumpaste bow??Thanks everyone..i'll look forward to your answers!
depending on how much frosting it is, i do the paper towel thing! just whipe it up as much as possible. wax paper is great too if your doing a cake thats not too heavy and you can lift it up and pull it off quickly. when i first started decorating, everything was always covered, but im getting better. so will you!
lol sheesh some people! i seriously doubt that the gourmet cupcakes she was speaking of were really $1 each. i work at a very upscale grocery store and our cupcakes run $2.50-$3 each. people buy them because they are decorated beautifully. however, with the amount of labor we put into those little suckers, i think they are getting off with a bargain lol!! good luck!
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