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Hola ChicasVivo en Australia, y una amiga mía viaja a México la semana que viene. Quería saber si se consigue fondant para comprar en México, y donde?Bakels en Australia vende fondant rojo, quería saber si se puede conseguir fondant rojo en la Ciudad de México......GraciasNati
Here is a great tutorialI think it looks straight forward enough. If you're not keen on the piping, you could use edible images.Good luck!!!
Thanks LizI iced the cake first, smoothed it and made the edges sharp as possible. Please keep in mind that this is a mudcake which was covered with ganache.Once the cover had dried a little, i put on another piece of fondant, which I smoothed down but only stuck down where the lid would go. The fondant was trimmed, then smoothed to make the edges sharp, then trimmed again, as the lid sides will become deformed when you smooth it. Hope that makes sense
I used to have a cake business a few years ago. I only baked from scratch.But I can tell you that here in Australia, the regular run of the mill bakery uses cake mixes. Many home decorators here also use Bakels mud mix and a lot of the famous cake places have outside bakeries do their baking from mixes.Having said that, all my friends that bake cakes, do it from scratch. Birds of a feather and all that eh?
Print the logo on regular paper in mirror image. Using a non toxic pencil trace over the logo. Allow the fondant to dry so that you won't mark it. Then put the paper on the fondant with the writing side down, then trace over the writing, this will leave a very faint outline of the logo on the fondant. Use a paintbrush with edible black color or an edible black pen to go over it.This is how I did it for this cake. (Hope that makes sense)Tiffany gift box cake by Nati's...
Do you want a recipe to make a 3d train cake out of, or do you want instructions to make a 3d train?
To tell you the truth, I didn't temper the chocolate for the ones I did, and it worked ok. Not sure what you mean by a doctored version, but using white chocolate should be fine. I've done it before using the same method.
Even if you construct a dam, if your filling is too runny, you run the risk of it soaking into the cake completely. I have filled cakes with runny fillings before but the cake was sealed off with ganache first so that the filling would not soak into the cake at all.
7 days seems way too long for a madeira cake, i would be more concerned about the cake going stale rather than the jam going mouldy. I have never seen jam go mouldy unless it's got some residue of something else floating in it.
This may help
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