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All is at room temperture and it has nothing to do with the boards. Any cake size cake will do this and I also have used cake drums too. I never had this problem until I had made really big batches. I have a new mixer that allows me to make batched 10 times the size.
I having a problem with my buttercream cracking and pitting. Am I mixing too long? Too much sugar? Help. Thank you!!!
I need to decorate with a lot of Metallic Gold. Can I add gold luster dust to royal icing? Or is there another trick to this.
Thank you, but what about wedding cakes and other tiered cakes that can't be boxed?
Thank you these are great.
When I arrive the next day there is condensation on the cakes before I take them out.
Does everyone use a wedding cake agreement form? Is there a place where I can get a copy? Does this need to be drawn up by a lawyer? Any chance some might want to share a copy? Sorry if this a repeat topic. I did it once and not sure what happened to it.
Moisture is on the cakes after they have been in over night. Boxed or not there is still condensation. Nothing else seems to be effected.
I have recently rented commercial kitchen space. And I have 2 major problems. First, I put my cakes in a stand up commercial refrig. And I get moisture on all of my cakes. I can't use the walk in because it is shared by a catering company with all kind of other foods that have smells. Onions, cheeses etc. So I don't want my cakes to absorb there smells. We have had repair man look at the refrig. and it is working just like it should. Does any one know why I am...
Thank you all for some great information.
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