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Update!   The Cake tasting party was a hit.  Not only did i get more cake business but i also got wedding referrals from people who actually attended the party.  I invited wedding planners that i knew and photographers as well.  I past out my cards and everything.   I made 4 cake dummies: 1 tier, two tier, 3 tier, and 4 tier. I also set up a cupcake tree with cupcake ideas and a cake pop area.  I baked my signatures in sheet cake style with buttercream icing on top and...
Still working on this party..
I am doing this very soon! I want to thank you guys for the info.  I am deciding not to charge for the event.  And i am going with my signature flavors for tasting and two or three cake dummies.
i charge $3.00 a serving when dealing with fondant. I would have charged $90 plus any additional toppings or purchases.
this is gorgeous!!
Does anyone know how to make the letters and numbers like Pink Cake Box does on top of their cakes. I love those!
I altered the Wilton recipe a little bit for my icing...same regular crisco, butter flavor crisco and just a touch of regular butter...i need the crisco so that the icing will crust over like i want. You do want to make sure you use butter/margerine and not spread margerines, low fat, etc...I use I can't believe it's not butter alot as well. It has 79% veggie oil in it. You want your baked goods to have more than 80% fat/veggie oil in the margarine as a substitute for...
I am wanting to make cupcake stand/cake stand and i see that alot of people have used her tutorial. I can't find it anywhere. I have done search in every way possible. HELP!
I had this happen on my little elephant last night....i just took water and wet it a little bit in the cracked area and kind of worked out the crack with the tip of my paint brush...trying not to ruin the shape while doing it. I will see what it looks like when i get home.
Thanks! I don't use Wilton brand to cover a cake people have to eat, just for the decorations part. I think I will use it and see how I do!
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