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Hi, I used gold pearl dust and a little vodka to paint the edges of the cake.
I was very happy with the results! Two things I learned, think outside of the box when cutting the fondant waves, some of mine looked like amoebas, but they looked great on the cake. Also, roll your fondant out very, very's a pain to work with, but it works better because the thinner the lighter, and they'll stay up better. I used torn pieces of paper towels and toothpicks to hold them up and dry. Then I filled in the kettle holes with icing and a wet brush to...
Thanks you guys for all the suggestions! 
I've seen that tutorial, but the ruffles on this cake are large and spread out...
I'm doing a soft wavy ruffled wedding cake using fondant...but the ruffles keep drooping. Is there something to add to the fondant to keep the waves upright?
I'm making a cake for a girl baby shower that involves frogs. The colors are very neutral, browns and beiges, with frogs. I want the frogs to be very cute ang "girly"...any ideas??
Thanks for the suggestion...I'm off to the craft store!
I was watching one of those cake shows on TV and they put either gumpaste or fondant into this press and it came out like spaghetti! I'm doing a graduation cake and it would be perfect for the tassel. Is there a tool like that available?BFC
Thanks so much for all the suggestions! I'll check out the website and see what happens. I'll keep you posted.
I have been asked to do a french vanilla wedding cake with a "hint oflavender". I'm not sure what that means! Is there a lavender extract?I was planning to do a fruit filling, maybe a mousse. The cake is 3 stack squares with plain white buttercream, peonies and ribbon.
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