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I changed to Fondx brand from Cal Java for the same reason. It may have been about a year ago now I tired Cal Java's new fondant called Nu-Wrap in buttercream flavor and I haven't looked back. Call and see if they will send you a sample or buy a small amount to try. I wasn't as fond of their elite brand because it tastes like rasberry and I am not a big rasberry fan. To me I feel all of Cal Java's fondant roll out nicer than SI.
This is a cake I did for a cosmetology and fashion graduate[/img]
I use WASC omit Almond and replace with butter flavor, add two egg yolks in addition to the whites the recipe calls for. People rave over this all the time. I never add pudding to the WASC recipe.
Pm me with your email address and I will send them.
I saw Jule Bashore(sp?) at the ices convention with the isolmat babies. You just add the isomalt graines into a sauce pan and melt. Then you would just our in the gem mold. Becareful not to overheat the isomalt as it will turn yellow. I know there is a recipe to use sugar and corn syrup but I can't find it right now. If you use regular sugar make small batches because it tends to yellow quickly!
I was SO against freezing and had my sister help me on a blind test. I baked one cake and froze it for a week. I baked another cake the day we did the test. My sister colored both the icings so only she really knew. We had our friends over and tried to guess which was frozen. Everyone of us got it wrong! The frozen ones were more moist. I wrap mine in saran wrap also (it doens't leave that plastic weird taste) I wrap from side to side then end to end. If frozen...
I got my bubble tea straws online at You get 3 packs of 40 for only $3.75. I think total with shipping it was about $7.00. I received them within 5 days of ordering them.
I have the directions from one of the American cake dec mags. If you want PM me your email address and I will send them to you. The instructions are great!
Edna, I am Megan that was with Jenn and that gang, now I know who you are on the boards. [quote]"Cakinqueen - I completely get what you're saying about the praying. I do pray but do not align myself with any religion and I was sitting there wondering about those who were of various other religions and what they were thinking....especially since it is an "international" organization. Oh well, that's not a battle I want to pick, I can sit through a few minutes.[quote]"As...
[quote="The only parts of ICES I didn't like was when the venders doors were opened & when someone would be in [b:a99989e7f1]MY[/b:a99989e7f1] assigned seat in the demo's. People were pushing shoving & even stepping on toes. I literally got knocked over (not to the floor) by 4 women! They ganged up & pushed their way through the crowds. I was very upset by the way people acted. All that over a cheap @$$ free impresssion mats. If you were the people who pushed & shoved......
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