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The last few cakes I've done I have covered the boards with the plastic table covers for like birthday parties. They are all color coordinated and they don't soak up the grease and are really cheap. Just cut them to fit and you can cover many boards with one package. Works like a charm for me. Hope this helps. I know some of those rolls of cover are very expensive!
Nchanted1,Have you heard anything back from the wedding party? What a nightmare delivery! Thank God I live in Houston, TX. No hills all flat. : )
I took her class at the Austin Show and she was hysterical! I love her. Thanks for the link SueW.
I'm glad I saw this thread. I'm doing a zebra striped cake in a few weeks. Thanks FlourPots for that link.
What a mile stone! I love getting on hear and hearing all the stories and tips. Love this site! CONGRATS!!!
Thanks everyone!
Just an update. I finally got my guitar from John Mayer. It is beauitful. Check it out! Thanks Jill
It's old classic. Thanks again. I don't know when I will get the guitar. I have heard from his manager but I forgot to ask her when and how I would get it. It would be cool if he delivered it in person!! THat would be toooooo cool!! (dreaming) LOL
The leg lamp is from the movie "A Christmas Story".Thanks for the cudos!!
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