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Nickshalfpint: You mean you don't want my mother's chicken soup recipe? I was willing to share! I make chicken soup nowadays but it does NOT have anything gross in hearts, gizzards, livers, necks and especially feet. And I skim the fat off. My daughters are most appreciative.
My mother made chicken soup - probably twice a month. She bought the chicken from a nearby chicken farmer so she'd come home with the entire chicken, including the FEET! It was gross enough seeing them cooking in pot but eating those gushy mushy things were the worst thing in the world! I cringe now to think about it. One time she forgot to cut off the nails and I started crying because I was so afraid she was going to make me eat that too. I didn't have to but I...
This post is 9 pages long and I'm just seeing it now! So glad I did. Just ordered six molds. I'm so excited!
I always buy a generic brand. Since I've stopped using Crisco, my frostings hold up and taste much better.
I think it may depend on what type of cake mix you use. I use Duncan Hines for the white cake (the recipe w/sour cream/egg whites) It's a denser cake and very moist. When I used the Betty Crocker mix it turned out to be a lighter airy-er cake. Agree with Amy2197...including the yolks will make the cake yellow.
I've gone back to using strictly shortening to grease my pans. What a difference! I used to use Baker's Joy or something similar (shortening/flour combo) but I'd always have a problem with sticking too. I now use a generic brand of shortening (NOT Crisco with it's "0 trans fat recipe." I use my grocery store's brand and it works like a charm...just like it did years ago w/regular Crisco(and then I started using the spray stuff and the problems began).
Charman, after cooling to room temp or thawing to room temp, I unwrap the layers and let them sit on the counter until dry to the touch. It doesn't compromise the moistness of the cake and it sure does help in getting the icing to adhere to the cake and stay there w/o bulges!
I agree with Sugarshack. I've had this happen so many times I've lost count. It wasn't until I started wrapping my cakes while still warm that this happening. They were so moist (which is what I wanted) but I didn't realize that the moisture on the OUTSIDE of the cake was causing the bulging / separation of the icing from the cake.Thanks to Sugarshack's DVD, I finally learned what the problem was. Yeay! Thanks Sharon!!
I've used the WASC recipe for a lemon cake which turned out so tasty and moist (and does hold up well) I substituted the white cake mix with lemon, added three whole eggs instead of egg whites and substituted the almond flavoring with lemon juice (2 tblsp). You can't go wrong using the WASC recipe - it always turns out great.
I have First Impression alphabet molds and I hate them! What a waste of $$ I can't figure out for the life of me how to use them successfully. The cavities are so thin that anything I try using (fondant, RI, chocolate) just breaks apart. Has anyone ever used these before? And had luck?
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