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Thank you so much!!!
The search function isn't working for me and I need a recipe ASAP. My son wants a chocolate dinosaur cake. I want chocolate frosting but I can't do a search. I leave in less than an hour to get what I need. Does anyone have a really good one that they are willing to share?Thanks!
Thanks so much!!
My 5 year old starts Kindergarten next week, along with my nephew. SIL have decided to have a little party for them tomorrow and I am doing a pencil cake. I have already decided to do a whilte almond sour cream cake with the nutella mousse filling. All I need is a frosting that is going to colour well, go on smooth and not be overly sweet.The whipped cream frosting sounds delicious but I am afraid it might not be what I need.Any thoughts/suggestions??Thanks!!
Sorry that the pics are so dark!Gina
This is the cake I made for my MIL's birthday. It was a big hit. I was going to do a white chocolate raspberry filling but that was a bust so I just filled it with my white chocolate icing. I have had no classes and technically this isn't my "first" cake but my first one that wasn't for my son
All it said to do was cream the butter, sugar and add vanilla. Maybe I should have just used powdered?? I just assumed "white sugar" meant granulatedThanks
I have an icing recipe that calls for white sugar. I assume that is granulated sugar. Can I replace the granulated with powdered???? I hate the grittiness that the granulated seems to cause.Thanks!G
Thank you all so much!!Gina
Anyone?? I can take constructive criticism.......if you think it sounds bad please tell me!!
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