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All I know is in Illinois you can make cupcakes for a bakesale (and all proceeds go to the charity), or donate them to an organization and they can sell them for cash but, you cannot collect any money yourself.You don't have to be licensed as long as you do it one of the first two ways I mentioned. (this is what aggrivates me, they say it's for health code reasons, but they don't mind if a non-profit sells them...just that makes my cupcakes safer to eat! But the...
If you buy, I've found that the Mrs. Richardson's brand is really good.
I used a wilton pan for my horse head. It was really easy.
Not knowing what the Women's institute is might be throwing off my plan a little, but what if you do a gardening scene with her grandchildren sitting around and/or helping her garden. Maybe she's wearing a gardening apron or shirt with the Women's Institute logo on it?
it'll be fine. I've never used that recipe, but thinning a recipe that doesn't normally need refrigerated with a little milk won't do anything. The amount of sugar in it will stabilize it. It won't go bad sitting out. I leave my buttercreamed cake with real butter out for days and it's fine.
I use black and brown to get a dark brown, but it still takes a lot of color. It makes the fondant too soft to work with. I like the candy melt idea. I'll have to try that.
well, my husband would be glad to hear that he was right! I am WAY undercharging for my cakes. This thread has proved it. I thought I was getting better, but I am no where near where I should be. I'm taking a cake break for a while maybe one day when I get back to it I will have the nerve to charge more.
someone just posted a thread about this today. Sugar shack has a video on youtube that helps alot if you use her recipe. I use her mixing method, but with the Buttercream Dream recipe found here on CC. should help a lot! You have to do a double batch to get the frosting up over the mixing paddle so the air stays out of the frosting.
I have not tried this, but was told that you can freeze it but that you have to thaw it by putting in the fridge for a day, then set out on the counter and let come to room temp without touching it. This helps the cake acclimate and reduces the sweating of the cake.
best chocolate cake I have found BY FAR is the Darn Good Chocolate cake. It's awesome!
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