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There is a cheaper light bulb call Reveal That is suppose to be a more natural light. Its more natural than a soft white light. Im getting lots of good tips off of this thread. I recently took a picture of my scientist cake with a blue polar fleece and it turned the whole thing a blue cast. I ended up not using the picture.( if anyone knows why this happened I would welcome there imput.) Thats my goal for the year getting better at digital cameras. I love the instant...
I would love to know that too.
Ive seen some chocolate molds for eiffel towers that would be nice also. I found some molds on ebay.
They have them for all sorts of things. Where someone would send flowers they send cookies instead. Like congratulations, teachers,graduates,anniversaries,holidays etc...The possibility's are endlessHope this helps
Aww what a sweet girl! How lucky can you get! They say the apple doesnt fall far from the tree. Give yourself a pat on the back.
Oh my gosh. He's great! What a wonderful Wallace and Gromit!
Well off to work I go....................... Have fun decorating!
Lucky! I wanted a snow day yesterday...but was able to drive in to work. I'm so jealous. I want a snow day I know this has nothing to do with chocolate. Hopefully someone will answer.
Great sounds good!
What is strawberry fluff? I was wondering . Im suppose to make a cake with strawberry filling soon and fluff sound interesting.
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