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Was it the daylight savings time thing? I know Im all messed up
Thanks for all the great resposes! I think you covered it. I can use cheap with the same results. Thanks again CCers!
Does anyone have a favorite Meringue Powder ?If you do what are the differences? I have always used wilton. I wasn't sure if some had different ingredients etc.... Thanks
I dont know if this is an issue but clear vanilla? I use it with other icing to keep them white. Maybe you already use the clear though.
Jamhays Thats really good ! I will have to remember that for some of the other skunks in my life heh heh heh
I know one thing its not as easy as it looks and very time consuming. You do a GREAT JOB on you cookies. It would proboly take her a loooonnnng time to be as talented as you are.
They turned out Great! Congrats on your upcoming baby. You'll be baking alot with the nesting syndrome setting in. I got stuck on lemon merigue pies.
You can see the most recently updated photosIf you go to galleries click on the tab.Last uploads. That will get you all the newest pictures.
Great,Thanks littlecake!
Since ECG is a distributer.Is it wholesale only? Or do they sell to the general public?
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