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What is butaban like? Is it like cream bouquet?
I bought some but havent tried it yet. Maybe someone else will know. Im wondering about the flavor in general. So heres a bump
I my self have wondered about this very thing. Hopefully you get an answer. Bump
Here's the one I saw in the gallery. You could put it on a large sheet cake or some large rounds .
There is a really good spider cake on here . With satellite spiders on the sides of it. Made with peanut m and m bodies. It had black licorice legs like Doug suggested.
The tan is just icing. You could make the star by Frozen buttercream transfer. There are good directions for this on the site. They use the initials FBCT. (this is just in case you have not heard of it. I'm not sure about the size, But I do know if you go to wiltons site they have charts. You could use alot of colors for the tan. Hope this helps a little
Dont kids eat play doh? No I was Thinking it is non toxic because they might eat it . Just like school glue. So I would imagine it wouldnt be really horrible to use it for fondant.
Wow adding that border really gave it that punch! Wonderful cake,pooh is soo cute. I bet they love it!
Is she asking for a taste of another flavor combination that you carry?
LOL You guys are sooooo funny Piece of cake ! Thanks for the laugh. Mine their proboly going to use it as a before and after picture. Like your cake wont be like this one
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