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Good job Doug! Thats the one I saw in the book. The roly poly one. It had great instructions. I like that other one you found too. I was thinking the other person might not be like the roly poly gal. Im heading that way if I dont stop eatting so much cake. I just love cake.
Debbie Brown has a book. I think its called Naughty cakes. There is a women poppin out of a box. It has great directions You could adjust it to the client.
OMG LOL HEs so cute he could be forgiven anything bad. Awww little guy must have had a really good time trying his hand at decorating. Youll have to nickname him Pinky Good luck with your carpet. I dont have much luck getting
Very pretty! Your other recipes look wonderful also.
Im so very sorry for your loss. You are in my prayers Cindy
Ohh they are so cute! I just love Arthur.
That sounds like its really pretty Bev55. I saw someone on here that applied dust to the shells too it adds a nice touch. You will have to post the results. Summer is the time for great partys with lots of cake !
I f you look in my pics. My daughter inlaw had a luau themed shower. I had sandel cake and hibiscus flower cupcakes. With flower cookies in bright colors. Sea shells on top of sandy cupcakes would be cute.Or a tiki cake with hibiscus cuupcakes
COngradulations Helen! Way to go!
What a lot of great imfo Shirley W! Im looking at the tip dont use your hands. I will listen. I already tried to press down a FBCT. So I dont want to make that mistake again. The chocolate is very impressive and looks like fun. Thanks
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