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One of my favorites are pralines. I saw someone was trying to find vanilla fudge with praline ripple earlier last month. IT had me thinking about pralines. This filling sound wonderfull. Thank You for sharing!
YUM Thank you Dodibug! This filling sounds really yummy There goes those new year resolutions.
We learned to work in fondant, Did 3-d flowers, cornelli lace and how to decorate the sides of the cake using the dividing mat. . Hope you have as much fun as I did.
If you look in the articles section They have one called the sparkling spruce. You can see the color they came up with. They mixed kelly green, black and royal blue. I followed it for christmas cookies its a nice tree color.
Your cake is very nice. All in all I think people need to start practicing better manners, Ive noticed a lack of thank you's for wedding gifts, baby gifts etc. So as a parent of students Thank you for being the thoughtful person You are. Im sure some teacher had a better day because of your thoughtfulness
That is really cute. I bet the kids really loved it.
I wonder if you don't want them all. Try to sell the things you dont want on ebay.Babynewyear [/i]
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