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No way! I showed this to my Dh .He thinks she has problems that a medical profesional should address. There is NOTHING wrong with your cake. Keep it right where its at. In a proud spot in our gallery. Chin up Christi you do good work.
Hey maybe something like. "Special delivery coming soon" and then his name. With the stork.
I love this thread crazy4rsugar! It shows me that a cake can be fixed. Very nice with all of the pictures. I wont give up so easily now.. It is a really lovely cake. It was not too bad before. But you made it perfect!
I see alot of stuff like this on Day of the Dead holiday sites. They even have skeleton wedding toppers too. Just google day of the dead. I agree it should be alot of fun. Good luck!
Im glad yours turned out well. I wonder how often it really happens. I looked all over for a dress for my sons wedding. I didnt want there help and ended up getting one out of state. Well I showed up in the same dress as there 80 year old grandma ( she had gotten the dress in the same store out of state.) I have a picture of the two oldest stand by bridesmaids. We had fun with it. ( you just have to sometimes) She didnt have my shoes though!
Nikki1201 Where did you get those two flavorss ?They sound great.
I saw a great pinecone cake on sug Buzz. I dont know if you belong to it too. The cake is under fondant wedding cakes. It is called country wedding by Peggy. The pinecones look very real.
There are some great campground cakes on here. A little fire, tent, trees. I believe i have seen some campers on here too. Sounds like a fun cake. Good luck!
Good luck ! Be sure and post it I will be looking forward to seeing how it turns out.. opens up alot of possibilitys being able to put it on side
Here is a recipe for a cannolli filling I use from Taste of Home.Cannolli filling2 Pk cream cheese softened(* ounces)1 carton ricotta cheese (15 ounces)1 cup powdered sugar1/2 tesp almond extract1 tesp vanilla extract 1 jar maraschino cherries (16 ounces) 1 cup mini chocolate chipsin large bowl ,beat cream cheese and ricotta. After mixed>Add p. sugar,vanilla and almond ex. Drain cherries well,saving 1tep cherrie juice. Chop cherries. Mix all the rest of the...
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