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I could put a sign ,grooms cake lovinly made by grooms mother.
I've been reading this feeling bad,because no one wants the extra cake to come from somewhere else. My son is getting married next spring and I would love to make his grooms cake. I made his older brothers so it would then be sort of a tradition. ( Im not sure if the bakery he got it at was upset. Its the frog cake in my gallery) My skills are better now, I probolly could make a wedding cake also, but it will be three hours away and I will be very busy, so I decided to...
Wow wonderful idea! He's really creative.
Has anyone ever heard of a non chocolate version?
That is going to take some practice. I tried poured fondant out of Toba's recipe. Then I used Louise's dipping tutorial. I pulled the tops off of my cupcakes. Like I said its going to take some practice. Luckily the mistakes don't taste too bad. Cindy
Nothing wrong with two cakes> I agree with Mencked give it to her ahead of time. That way she will know you made her a cake without upsetting her Mom. Moms love to make cakes for there kids no matter how big they get. She might have taken a class to learn to decorate to suprise her.( I did that) I myself would love two cakes You sound like a great SIL.
I tried Tobas fondant yesterday and it turned out just a tiny bit sticky. Then I added more ps but it still sticks a little to what i roll it on. Then when I put it on the cakes it had tons of cracks ,did I do something wrong? It taste somewhat grainy too. I am comparing it to satin ice and mmf. Let me know if you have any tips for this. I will use it for poured fondant though if it dosent work, that sounds really good. Thanks, Cindy
Thank you Karen! She is a wise one.
What a great deal Thank you! There are some great recipes on there too.
This is written in sand and this problem will blow away. ((((hugs)))))) to my CC family Thank you Christi _________________ I love what you said about "This is written in sand and this problem will blow away". I will use this always. Great way to forget out troubles! Cindy in Iowa
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