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I have been having trouble with my figures losing their shape , any tips would be appreciated! I want to make some that stand up. If I make them very tall around 4 inches or more, I have to lay them down and they are always flat on one side.. Thanks!
Wow thanks for sharing the great tutorial ! You did an awesome job!
Sounds really yummy!
I have a big collection of depression glass that i use. There are some wonderful designs.
Awww i hpe you will be back soon! You have wonderful cookies and are a great inspiration.
Best wishes on your new life together!
Here is the link for making beer bottles, hope this helps
Best Wishes to you both !!! I cant wait to see your Wedding Cake!
What you charged sounds very reasonable. Prices are going up so much on ingredients too. NIce job!
I will have to get a little gold frame and make my sign add it to the monster bill. ( I hope no one thinks I have a super ego trying to identify my cake).Aww Ill do anything for my 6"5 little boy
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