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Nothing touches food except the blade and Linda McClure has a blade and housing for that purpose.
I love my Fat Daddio turn table.
I have both and if I had to choose one it would be the silhouette for the same resons linedancer mentioned. Love the print and cut feature!
Where did you get your cartrideges?
There is no difference that I know of, you can use any airbrush on cake as long as the compressor psi isn't set too high (it will blow the frosting off). I would stick with airbrush colors to prevent clogging. I know others have mixed gel color with vodka and it works most of the time but it's just so much easier to airbrush colors that are intended for that purpose.
This wont help now but always make 2 of everything.
icingimages also sells frosting sheets in colors that work great with electronic cutters. Check out their website Their customer service is fantastic.
If you use Linda McClure's method ther is no need for parchment paper. Straight fondant is is too soft and works much better if you add tylose. Check out her youtube videos. You can also use frosting sheets which is so much easier and faster. I prefer the premium sheets from icingimages.
I've taken Linda McClure's class and her methods work if you follow them to a "T". Her gumpaste works great but frosting sheets are some much easier to use and are ready whenever I need them (she also has videos on using them). I've tried several brands and have had the best lubk with the premium sheets from icingimages.
I also highly recommend getting your ink and frosting sheets from icinimages.. I've tried several brands and they are not all created equal.
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