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A simple "I'd be happy to sell you my recipes, how many are you interested in" should surfice. I bet she'll no longer be interested.
No design is too intricate to cut if you use Linda Mclure's method. Check out her web page and youtube videos. Straight fondant is too soft. Whatever medium you use it must be rolled paper thin (a pasta roller is almost a must). The premium frosting sheets from icingimages are the easiest to work with (and least expensive) and take no pre planning.
The premium frosting sheets from icingimages work great.
Dotto! Did you roll it out using a pasta roller to the # she suggested? She suggest leaving it on the mat overnight in a zip lock bag before cutting. I've had no problem cutting using her instrucitons. If you are having problems please contact her as Pam said so you can get "the right" information.
Make the cut is 3rd party software. Bu itself it is no longer compatible, however there is a plugin that you can download from the internet to make it work. From what I understand the plugin was removed from the software when they were sued by Provocraft. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
The plugin is suppose to work with 3rd party software like make the cut.
Does that require cartridges?
Are you talking about using the gypsy or using 3rd party software? There is a plugin you can download to use software but I haven't tried it.
I've tried several brands of frosting sheets and ink cartridges and have had the best luck with the gold label cartridges and premium frosting sheets from icingimages.
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