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I highly recommend the premium frosting sheets and gold label inks from icingimages. I've tried many brands and find theirs to be the best in my opinion. Their customer service can't be beat!
I would return it for a replacement.
Dust both sides of your fondant/gumpaste generously with cornstarch/powdered sugarm ixture and you wont have any sitcking problems.
I use mine all the time but $100 seems high to me. Bed Bath and Beyond has them cheaper and you can use their 20% coupon.
How much shortening did you use?
The dvd contains much more then the youtube video as does the instruction book.
I think you answered your own question.
How would you know every time she sold a cake or a you really think she would be honest enough to tell you. I say get the money up front for the recipes (a large sum) if you're willing to part with them. But let her know that you still own the rights to them for future use as you see fit.
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