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The law is different in every State so don't assume "She's illegal" unless you know for sure. You can bake from home in NE as long as you don't advertise, don't make a certain amount of money/year and only bake so many days a week. Know the facts before jumping to conclusions.
You can make your own airbrush cabinet at a fractin of the cost
I would also recommend using the paddle attachment instead of the wisk.
I've never cleaned mine in place nor have I used soap. If running hot water through it doesn't work a steamer probably will. Debbie at icingimages may also be able to help you, try giving her a call or check out the website.
Did you take the print head out and clean it with hot water and steam or just do a print head clean with the printer software?
Did you contact Linda to see what settings she recommended?
Are you using Linda's gumpaste recipe and letting it set overnight as she recommends? I would contact her for the blade setting.
IMO icingimages premium sheets are superior and they have their own software. I think the cost is about the same.
I have a canon wireless and love it. I purchase all of my supplies from icingimages (spongless cartridges and premium frosting sheets). I've tried other brands and they just don't measure up. I also refill my cartridges and have never had a problem. Icingimages customer service can't be beat! Cleaning the print head is as easy as running it under hot water (I've never had a bad clog as I print something on paper once a week to keep the ink flowing).
I've had problems with other brands not releasing from the backing or tearing and it isn't worth the frustration to me. When quoting a price build the cost into the price of the cake.
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