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Depends on how much she wants to pay per hour to have you do this. If it isn't worth it then decline.
The brand of icing sheets makes a difference (ask me how I know) so if they are another brand you may not have success either.
I have used Linda's recipe along with her instructions and they work perfectly. I've also added tylose to wilton fondant and had good luck. The KEY is following Linda's instructions to the "t". If you don't let it set up as she suggest you chances of getting clean cuts are next to impossible. I've also used premium frosting sheets from icingimages with great success.
Looks like a 1M to me.
Contact Pat Hensly at Corporate in Des Moines, IA
Do they not wear gloves when doing cakes?
The Director at each HyVee set their own policies and prcedures. They may or may not know what the bakery manager is doing or if it is illegal but I'm sure they would like to be informed. The Director at my HyVee is very in tune with Customer input.
Definately contact Hy-Vee Corporate Office in DesMones, IA. I'm sure they'd like to know which one of their Bakery Managers is doing this and which one is less then clean. You might also contact the Director of the store in question.
I use binder clips from the office supply store.
It depends on the brand you use. If you got them at Walmart I'm guessing they are Wilton and Yes they are horrible. I use the premium sheets from icingimages and they are very pliable (never had a problem with breakage or cracking) and they don't taste bad.
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