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There is also a BIG difference in frosting sheets. I've tried them all an IMO the premium sheets from icingimages are the best.
I've used several brands of ink and both types of cartridges. Nothing compares with the gold label inks from icingimages and the spngless cartridges. I'm a firm believer in "You get what you pay for".
Discuss it with your boss and see they want you to handle those situations.
It depends on the brand of sheets you have. I know icingimages sheets are very easy to work with but others can be brittle, tear and are hard to remove from the backing. You'll just have to experiment with the sheets you have and see what works.
Maybe ground up cookies or graham crackers?
I have the large double blade and the single blade Jr. and wouldn't trade ether of them for anything. I threw the wilton leveler in the trash a long time ago.
If you want red or black instantly use chefmaster liqua gel colors. Highly concentrated, use very little, no bitter taste and doesn't need to be made a day ahead. Just do a google search for a supplier.
I also use a canon but I prefer the premium frosting sheets and gold label inks from icingimages. I've tried the other brands and these sheets release from the backing so much easier. Their inks also seem to be more vivid.
I leave them on the backing and trim a little of the frosting sheet off each side then tape the backing to the cutting mat (tape all the way down each side).
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