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Gold label inks from icingimages.
I think $7-$10/sheet is pretty standard for most grocery stores. Not sure what Walmart charges. It doesn't matter if it takes the whole sheet or not, you're still getting the whole sheet. Sheets cost $28 a package and ink is approx. $100 for a set of cartridges then there is the cost of the printer not to mention the time involved in setting up the image to print. I don't see that price being out of line.
Contact Debbie at icingimages
No you haven't Debbie, but I'm all ears!
I don't think it matters where you get the printer but there is a BIG difference in ink and frosting sheets. I have tried almost all of the brands and I will only use gold label inks and premium frosting sheets from icingimages.
What did you hate about the the aztek?
I purchased the aztek4709 from Roland Winbeckler and love it. I've compared it to the kopykake at an airbrush class and it is far superior. There is no needle to bend or replace and cleaning is a breeze. The kopykake seems to spit and sputter and this one doesn't do that and It has different nozzles for different spray patterns. Here's a link to the airbrush and the compressor
Ditto! I have used many brands of ink and frosting sheets and find icingimages gold label inks and premium frosting sheets to be the best. I print on paper once a week and have never had a clog. You wont find beter customer service any where. I love my canon printer and my relationship with icingimages. They also have frosting sheets in colors as well as software for printing. If you ever have a question just contact Debbie, she is always willing to help.
It has to be an older cricut that has never been updated and an older version of SCAL or Make The Cut. Since Provo Craft sued both companies they will no longer work with the newer machines or updated versions of the software. The software is loaded onto your computer, not the cricut so you would need to find both an older cricut (never updated) and older version of the software.
There are none that work with the cricut. You are limited to cartridges.
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