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It will be hard to keep straight and wire will cut into cake.
I would tell them wired ribbon WILL NOT WORK. It's going to be a pain in the A$$ to wrap around a cake. At this late date I would use a fondant ribbon.
I'd try talking her into fondant so it can be peeled off and the guest wont have black teeth and tounges. Otherwise I'd use chefmaster liqua gel to color the BC. It takes very little to get a true black and has no bitter taste nor do you need to let it set overnight to intensify.
Bada Bing Bada Boom A little pricy but excellent for dipping.
You're my hero costumeczar!!!
Contact Debbie at
All edible inks aren't made equally. I highly recommend icingimages for ink (gold label inks) and frosting sheets (premium sheets). I've used several brands and theirs are the best in my opinion.
Edible Artist is great but won't line up exactly with the circles from icingimages. I use the program from icingimages and it works great.
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