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You might try watching Linda McClure's youtube videos. I've had great success with gumpaste using her method but I haven't used wilton gumpaste. The key is rolling it very, very thin and letting it dry a bit before cutting.
See if the bride or family can pick it up.
I LOVE my aztek!
You could also make a frame out of PVC pipe and elbows.
Grocery stores and Walmart will also print them for you
I'd use an edible image printer on frosting sheets and apply them to gumpaste cards.
Did you adjust the depth?
I purchased my silhouette SD and blade from her. The blade and housing she has is a must for cutting gumpase and frosting sheets. I also took her class and she is a wealth of information.
I have both machines and prefer the silhouette. However neither works well with straight fondant. I've had pretty good luck using wilton fondant with tylose added and preparing it the same way Linda McClure suggest on her youtube videos and DVDs. With that being said I have started using the premium frosting sheets from icingimages. Less preperation and so much faster. If I want a design I can run it through my EI printer before cutting. Linda also has a vido using...
I don't know where you are buying your cartridges from but I would contact Debbie at icingimages and see if she can help you. She's very knowledgable with the canon printers.
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