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I would simply tell her that you don't have the equipment to produce that cake but if she'd like to buy an electronic cutter you'd be happy to give it a go. I don't know if cricut (provo craft) has a cartridge with that particular design but it could be achived with the silhouette and make the cut software.
Melted chocolate is also a great way to attach things.
What were they attached with?
I use just the tiniest bit of wilton copper.
If you want to use foamcore (available at craft stores and art supply stores) it will cut like butter with a hot knife
Check out Linda McClure's youtube videos. She's the originator of using electronic cutters for cake decorating. I've used her method with her gumpaste recipe and the premium frosting sheets from icingimages with great success.
Price and quality are 2 different things.I've tried several different brands of ink and frosing sheets and my money is on icingimages. Their premium frosing sheets and gold label inks are better then anything else I have used. Their customer service is also tops notch, not to mention how knowlegable Debbie is about canon printers and any problem you may have with it.
IMO icingimages has the best ink (gold labels inks) and premium frosing sheets and their customer service is out of this world. I've had a epson and a canon and prefer the canon. Debbie at icingimages can answer any questions you might have and is always willing to help.
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