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Check out Linda McClure's web site, she has many photos of detailed cutouts on her cakes.
You don't need a syringe with icingimages refills.
You can't switch back and forth, You need a printer dedicated only for edible image so it is food safe.
If you buy the gold label cartridges and refills from icing images it's not messy at all.  They can be refilled right in the printer and their ink is the best I have found.  What you run out of first depends on what you are printing.
Their customer support is the best I've found in a long time.  Good luck!
Have you contacted Debbie at icingimages?  She is very helpful and can walk you through getting them lined up.
I've tried several brands of ink and paper and icingimages has the best quality for both.  Gold label inks and premium frosting sheets.  You get the best color with their ink and their sheets come off the backing beautifully.  I've had so much trouble with other sheets I finally just threw them away.  Their customer service can't be beat!  You might save a little money with other brands/suppliers but it wont be worth it in the end.
Silhouette all the way.  Marshmallow fondant is way to soft to cut with either machine.  Gumpaste works best but I have also had luck adding tylose to fondant. The easiest thing to cut is frosting sheets and I find the ones from icingimages to be the best. I also recommend Linda McClure's techniques and DVDs.
My first try wasn't successful either but once I got the consistency right it works great.  I don't know the exact ratio I use.
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