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Also Linda McClure's website (she taught Carrie).
I've had absolutely no problem using it.  If you prepare your fondant/gumpaste correctly it cuts perfectly.  If people are having problems they are using the wrogn medium or not preparing it properly.  There is a learning curve.
I also use Sarah's recipe and love it (but I don't change a thing).  People either love it or hate it.
Depending on where you purchase your frosting sheets there is free software available. Wrap Candy software looks like it's for candy wrappers so I assume that means paper wrappers. 
ipad 1 will not accept the iOS7 update :-)
Contact Debbie at icingimages for info on canon printers.  They seem to be the best option.
Measure around each pan to calculate ribbon and add extra for tails.
Try contacting Debbie at icingimages and she may be able to help you.  She's very good with canon printers and will help even if you didn't buy from her, however I highly recommend her gold label inks and premium icing sheets.
I tried it and hated it.
I've had a canon and an epson and I prefer the canon.
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