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hello I have been using a vanilla powder for years. It is a brand from an Italian grocery store. I originally used it to add flavor to whipped cream, because it added no color and no liquid. Now I use it in most recipes... I usually add it to the flour or sugar before sifting. This one too comes with no directions (but then I did not expect any.. there are no directions on my bottle of liquid vanilla either), so I just experimented till I came up with the right amount. ...
Hello AWESOME!! - thank you for sharing, I am making these for a party next week! ciao
Hi FBCT = Frozen ButterCream Transfere MMF = Marshmallow Fondant. ciao
Hello chrissysconfectionshere is a thought for you... There are still a few Italian bakeries that do this. They put just a touch of icing on the sides of their cakes (like a crumb coat), then they cover with toasted slivered almonds. So unless your customers have nut allergies, this could be an option for you. Another option would be a chocolate wrap. The coating of chocolate would be very thin, and if you use semi sweet chocolate, it really is not adding much 'sweetness'...
Hello archanac JodieF is correct. you do not remove the chocolate - it would be impossible to anyway. Slicing the cake willl cause the chocolate to crack - Using a warm knife helps. If you want to try it, practice on a small cake; following the procedure at the link that Danielle111 listed. Shirley explains it quite well. Feel free to ask questions. ciao
Hello do you have any chocolate ? if so, make chocolate clay - (just add 1/4 cup corn syrup to 14 oz of warm, melted chocolate). make your bow out of chocolate clay. it will dry faster, especially if you roll it a bit thick. good luck. ciao
Hello I have used chocolate transfer sheets many times. here is one that I made. do you think?though it is not too difficult to do, it does take a bit of practic. I would comment on the tutorial & prices, but neither was included in your post.ciao for now
Wow I love itthanks ! I needed another reason not to do 'chores' ciao
Hi More info for you mm = millimetrea millimetre is 1/1000 of a meter a meter is approx 39 inches 3 mm = .118 inches; 5mm = .196 inchesfor a simple conversion chart, check: hope this helps ciao
hello all I am lol at some of these stories. let me share one of mine. Years ago, befor I starting making cakes, I had to order a cake for an event at work; we had completed a Quality Improvement Program & received a certification in our field. To celebrate, we would make the announcement to our team at a general meeting & decided to serve cake and coffee. I went to order the cake in person. I ordered a very large rectangle cake,(40-50 servings) and since it was for a...
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