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this is how i make my rice crispy treats.The problem is that i cann't give you exact measurements because i never measyure when i do it.melt in the pot low heat approx 100g of butter. ( unsalted)add 5 or six big marsbars ( cut them into small pieces)with a whisk or wooden spoon stir constantly til it is all melted and is stirred together. it is all smooth creamy looking. turn the cooker off. Now add rice crispies. and mix all together add a little at the time til you see...
I looked through your cakes they are all so awesome!I think my favourite of the cakes i have done so far is the ice age cake i made.
This is sooo sad. My kids love wiggles
such a cute bears!
i like the taste of satinice but i do not like the taste of regalice fondant. regal is much better to work with though.emmascakes, what kind of fondant do you use?
What kind of holes do you get? i get sometimes ( very often) a bubble inside while rolling it out and thats what makes me mad because i cann't fix it. And i have to start all over again. these bubbles are my enemies i wonder what i do wrong?
i had this problem too. it is better to work with it in a pretty warm room when you are covering the cake.
I personally would choose round. I just find it very very hard to cover square cakes, but then again maybe it is just me. Good luck with your cake!
I have to admit that i do like fondant. I am trying not to eat it but sometimes i just take a piece roll them into little balls and eat them
I go through stages of doing one cake several times and then it stops.( thank god) Right now i am ready to tear out makeup bag picture from the cake book. i am sick of them. Some of them come from the birthday party and ask for the exact same cake from the previous party. Not even a change in color. So sad and sooo boring. I used to be scared to pick up the telephone because i would hear that they want a footballer on the it must have been a year at least and not...
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