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Thanks Fran, i have a book at home too. just couldn't get it right, making a new one now... i post later, wish me luck. Thanks again!
Ok, yes it is dora but isn't the with between eyes too wide? something just doesn't seem right. and i cann't figure it out.Maybe the head should be different shape? it is killing me. something doesn't fit.What would you change to make her look more dora?
Hi,i have to make a certain character dressed up in princess clothes. I have it finished, but i am not so sure if she is ok. Do you understand who she is? and please HONESTLY tell me if i should make her again or is she ok to be put on a cake?
Buy americolor bright white, it is the best. you can also mix it with other colors and paint on a darker color fondant. I love it!
i am not fond of writhing happy birthdays on the cake but if your customer wants it, then you have to do this case i would get small black fondant cutout letters and put them on top.
how cute!
I also ordered it and was very dissapointed. i think i even responded in one thread my comments about it.
Hi,if you google for clay elephants or elephant figure, you should get a bunch of already made elephants. This could help you a lot if you have a picture in front of you while making it.also i suggest you make the body first and then, when it has dried a little add the head so the body can hold the weight.
What a great idea! I love your cake!
wow, these were amazing! Thanks for sharing!
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