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I could resize them for you if you want. send me a pm and i send you my e-mail. Otherwise, try resizing by pixels. 400 or 500 pixels hight should be ok.
try adding wiltons gum-tex to your mmf or fondant.
I love to combine soft pink and ivory for skin colors. You can always add more ivory for litle darker look and adding a touch of soft pink makes it more real looking
Fantastic cake!!! Your dragon is perfect!
try it out and let us know. I have thought about it, but i believe the cookie press isn't built strong enough, so that you can push the fondant through the holes.
It is very hard to price figures. i think you should create a minimum price first. You need it because of the trouble of getting your things out preparing colors etc for 5$ is just not worth it. I sell mine often but the price greatly depends on the figures and the way they have to be. sitting figures are much easier then standing etc. To make something that looks somebody is also very hard.My figures start from approx 16$ ( we have a differnet money unit here)but at the...
Thanks, i am happy i finished it. my 3 y old also accepted the third Dora finally. He is a Dora lover big time.Now i will just make her little gadgets and things.She wants the cake really girly ( and colors lilac, white and pink)i most probably make tiny pink roses and combine something. i wish i could design a cake first and then follow the design, but i cann't i just have to make it as i go along.Any suggestions?
thanks, great tutorials!
alright, this is the third dora today... not finished but i fixed the skin and the hair and the face. I think.I haven't had so many problems with anybody else. Funny thing is that she seems to be such an easy character to make but it is not at all.what do you think of her now?
here is the next one, but my 3 year old still insists that it is not Dora but Lena ( from his kidnergarten)now the skin is even more light color. in the picture. it is not so light in real but i guess i have to go 2 tones at least darker than i made it.
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